Updated 3/2/2019

These rules are intended to help us help you make your stay at Vision House a positive and beneficial experience in
your Recovery. We want to help you in your new sober life. These rules are intended to make it easier for people to
live together who aren't related while creating the synergy that sober living can provide to people in recovery
1)        Any use of drugs or alcohol will cause forfeiture of rent and immediate discharge from Vision House.
Discharged Residents may be readmitted subject to staff approval, meaning based on you overall conduct during
previous stay and events surrounding your discharge. If you are readmitted, (must be clean and sober to get back in)
your rent will be reapplied as if you never left, so you would only lose rent for those days you where gone. There is
never a refund of rent.
2)        New Residents should let staff know if they prefer a certain household chore because each resident of Vision
House will be responsible for completing their assigned household chore daily. Each resident is also responsible for
keeping their own area neat and clean, including making their bed every day and washing their bed linens once a
week. Residents who have a pattern of not doing their chore will be discharged
3)        There are two in house meetings each week, and attendance is mandatory, exception for people who are at
work at that time or who are on a pre-approved overnight visit. The meetings cover both internal Vision House
matters and Recovery. Residents will be exposed to a variety of self-help recovery programs, Evidence Based
Programs, Smart Recovery Program, and the S.O.S Program. Additional programs may also be introduced. Visitors
are welcome to attend our Recovery Meetings
4)        Any resident who has knowledge of another resident using alcohol or drugs must inform management
5)        The taking or using of another resident's property (including food) without the Owners permission is cause for
immediate discharge
6)        a)        Curfew is 12:00 midnight until 6:00 AM.
b)        Residents must furnish the House Manager with their work schedule.
c)        Outside overnight stays must be approved by Manager beforehand
d)        Residents must sign in and out each time they enter or leave. "Out" is not an acceptable remark on the sheet.
e)        Exceptions for verifiable work, and Recovery related functions (on a case by case basis).
7)        To accommodate all the residents' use of common areas, sleeping in common areas is not allowed (except
at the Pool it's ok). No blankets or bed pillows in living room.
8)        Eating is not allowed anywhere but the kitchen, dining room, living room at tables and outside. Each resident
is responsible for doing their own dishes and cleaning up after themselves.
9)        Residents must answer call waiting while talking on the phone to at least take a message.
10)        Televisions and radios are allowed in bedrooms. If anyone requests that televisions and radios be turned
down or off, their request must be honored.
11)        There is no smoking indoors and no use of candles and incense that requires being lit
12)        There is to be no use of thumb tacks or anything else that punctures the walls
13)        If a resident is discharged, the resident will pack their belongings and leave the property immediately.
14)        Rent is non-refundable for any reason.
15)        These rules are general guidelines and do not encompass all conduct that is unacceptable. Common sense
will apply
16)        Management will have sole discretion to determine whether resident(s) have violated any of the rules. Any
violation of rules is cause for discharge of the resident from the premises, but discharge is of course the last resort.
17)        We encourage Residents to speak with management about any concerns so we can better serve them.
Ultimately, if a resident has a problem with the way Vision House is run, the resident has a right to move out, or
accept the way it is. This does not apply towards maintenance or health safety concerns
18)        It is a privilege to live at Vision House, not a right
19)        Each new resident is required to get a 2 Step TB test. They are available from Walgreens Pharmacies,
Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, and other medical facilities. Failure to start the TB test within Five days of move in shall
be cause for discharge. Typical cost for 2 step TB test ranges from $50-$75. TB testing is a State requirement and
we cannot ignore non-compliance by Residents. Sometimes House Manager may have leads on facilities that will
provide TD test for free
20)        Under no circumstances may any bedding, clothing, personal effects or furniture have contact with the floor
while also having contact with the bed or bed frame.  Beds must be at least 4 inches from walls
21)        Visitors are allowed for special events such as; Pool Parties, BBQs and House meetings. People with
limited visitation for their Children may have special arrangements made for visiting at the house. Speak to house
Manager to make visitation arrangements. Unruly kids (and adults) won't be allowed back. Visitors are never allowed
in the bedrooms period.            
Good Luck, and welcome to the beginning of your new sober Life

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